High heel shoes pehenne se pairon ko nuksaan..

Fashionable dikhne ke liye aksar mahilayein aisa kaam karti khain jo unhe nahi karna chahiye. Aise hi ek shauk high heels vale shoes pehnanna hai, ye pairon ko to kaffi jayda nuksaan pahuchate hain sath hi sath ye aapke sehat ko bhi nuksaan pahuchate hain 


High heel footwear pehanne se bahut saare nuksaan hain jaise ki jab bhi ham high heel shoes pehante hain to hamara pura vajan ediyon par aa jata hai aur isse fingers par kaffi jayada dabav aata hai. Research se ye prove ho chuka hai ki high heel footwear pehanne se aidiya kamjor ho jati hain aur old age me iska prabhav gehra ho jata hai, sath hi isse bahut sari bilariyan bhi hoti hain.


Pairon se hone wali bimariyon ka sabse bada karan high heel footwear hi hote hain niche diye gaye tips ko padhkar aap samajh jaenge ki heel wale footwear kitne dangerous hain aur inse duri banana hi ek healthy aadmi ki pehchan hai.
  1. High heeel shoes pehenane me to aache dikhte hai lekin ye hamari spinal cord ke dabav ko uncontrolled karta hai jisse old age mein utne baithne me bahut jayada problem hoti hai. 
  2. High heel shoes pehanne se pairon ki postion badal jati hai aur jangha bhi choti ho jati hai, jab bhi ham koi flat shoes pehante hain to hame badlav najar aa jata hai.
  3. High heel shoes pehanne se centre of gravity shift ho jati hai jisse muscle pain  aur back pain bhi bahut jayada hota hai.
  4. Foreign ki bahut saare khoj me paaya gaya ki pairon ke asantulan se kai bimariyan ho jati hain, aur sath hi sath vessels me kamjori bhi aa jati hai.
  5. Jayada der tak pairon me heel vaale shoes pahanne se pair fatne ke chances jayda hote hain .
  6. High heel footwear pehenne se vessels ko kafi jayada nuksaan pahuchta hai, agar high heel shoes pehanna aacha lagata ho to pehenne lekin occasionally hi pehene.Jitna ho sake high heel foot wear se durr rahiye aap jayada healthy aur fit rahenge.  
To friends ab aapne jan liya hoga ki high heel shoes pehenne se pairon ko kitne nuksaan hain, agar aapko ye jankari aachi lagi to niche diye hue sharing button se aap facebbok, Google plus, aur twitter me share kar sakte hain jisse aur logon tak bhi ye jankari pahuche aur sabhi healthy aur fit rahein.
Agar aapko is post se related koi bhi sawal puchna hai to niche diye hue comment box me aap apna sawal puch sakte hain aapke saare sawalon ka jawab aapko jaldi hi mil jaega. 

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